Your Flash Player version

I see many comments from users about the Flash Player version they installed and the most updated version available from Adobe. The latest version of Flash Player is 11,0,1,152

I have developed a Flash movie to help you. If you have Flash Player installed, it shows the Flash Player version installed on your machine and your operating system. It also displays a link to the Flash Player uninstaller for your operating system. Means, if you are on Mac, the link will point to the uninstaller for Mac.

Note that if you don’t have Flash Player installed, you see “plug-in not found” error.

Compare the version available in your machine and the latest version. If needed, uninstall the existing version and get the latest installer from Adobe.

6 Responses to Your Flash Player version

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  3. kelly says:

    Hi, when viewing programmes on is there a way to make the viewing smoother.

    It runs ok but the display seems jittery almost as if trying to watch 3d without glasses

  4. sbhaskar says:

    Kelly, Could you please check the Flash Player version you use? I can view the site without any issues on IE 9 with Flash Player version 11.

    If the problem persists, let me know the operating system and the browser you use.

  5. Dman says:

    The verification box is blank. I’m running Windows 7 32-bit, IE9. I’ve un/installed Flash player several times. . . no luck.