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Three mistakes I made while creating a website using Adobe CQ

  1. While activating (publishing) pages in the new website, I didn’t activate the template, components, and style folders.And, I got a blank screen without any content. Content in the Live CQ pages checks for the corresponding JSP page to render the content. If these pages are not activated, the page won’t display anything. Activating a page can be done in the Website tab of the Siteadmin. However, to activate templates, components, and so on, go to the Tools tab. Then, select Replication in the left-side pane and double-click Activate Tree. Search for the node that you want to activate. For example, if you want to activate a component, go to the apps folder and then select the corresponding folder and activate all components in which you added the content.
  2. New components in the sidekick were not enabled explicitly. And, in the sidekick menu, I couldn’t see the components that I created when I was in the Edit mode.Create a page that uses the template that you created. Click the Design icon in the sidekick. The Design of Par tab appears. Select the Edit button. The Allowed Components list displays the components that you created. Select the components to display in the Edit mode.
  3. Sidekick is not enabled because of the script errors in newly created components.You can figure out if it’s an issue with the component by creating a new folder in the apps directory and then drag and drop the newly created components to it. Do it one-by-one while checking the authoring page to see the sidekick.