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FTPing files to Scene 7 server

In Scene 7, if the file size exceeds certain limit, you need to upload the file using FTP. You need to create an ftp account and then put your files to the ftp server. Later the files need to be uploaded from the ftp server to Scene 7.

The first step is to enable your ftp account:

  1. After logging in, go to Setup > Media Portal.
  2. Select FTP Accounts.
  3. Select the user ID and create a password and click Save.
  4. Note down the FTP Accounts Username created. This is your user ID for the ftp login.


Find out the ftp server address.

  1. Check with your admin.
  2. Or, go to Setup > Application Setup > General Settings.
  3. See SCENE7 FTP account. Server details are displayed there.


  1. Now ftp to the server with the user id and password you created.
  2. Put your files there.

When you upload the file from ftp server to Scene 7, you can’t really select the files. So put only those files that you want to push to a specific folder.

  1. Log in Scene 7, and upload the files from ftp server.
  2. Select the folder > Upload.
  3. Select Via FTP from the top bar. This option is enabled only after you enable the ftp account.
  4. Select the folder displayed and click Submit Upload.

Mobile emulators in Adobe CQ

Using Adobe CQ, you can manage websites for mobile devices without recreating it. Adobe CQ provides you with a set of mobile emulators. Using the emulator, you can see the way content appears in various mobile devices.

The following video demonstrates viewing the content in mobile emulators: