Enable components in the Components tab

In the last session, we have added a space in the template that allows us to drag and drop a component to the web page. One of the shortcomings in the template was that it didn’t
have any components in the Components tab. In this session, we will add components to the Components tab.

  1. Open the web page we created.
  2. Click the Page Information icon and select Classic UI.
    The same page appears with a different look and feel.
    It’s called Classic UI. Classic UI is specifically designed for viewing in Desktops.
    (The UI you were using is designed for Touch Optimized devices.)
  3. From the sidekick, click the Design tab.
  4. Click Edit from the Design of Content.
    You can see various categories of components.
  5. Select a category or go inside the category and select specific components.
  6. Open the page again and go to the Components tab.
    You will see all the components listed.
  7. Drag and drop the component to the web page and start editing.

Happy editing.

In the next session, we will update the template with a design.

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