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Adobe Consulting RIA Practice are now blogging…

The RIA practice within Adobe Consulting in EMEA has steadily grown around the former iteration::two team; everyone is working with on a number of truly exciting RIA solutions for a number of our partners and customers in the EMEA territory. As part of our Adobe Consulting committment to sharing the knowledge and best-practice within our organisation with the wider community, a number of our consultants are now armed with weblogs. A brief summary of the consultants and their blogs follows:

Steven Webster – As we edge towards the release of Flex 2, I expect to be blogging a great deal more around the business of Rich Internet Applications, the opportunities for the community to be successful delivering RIA solutions for their clients, as well as continued in-depth discussion around methodology, best-practices, Cairngorm 2.0 and deep-technical features on Flex 2, as well as looking to how RIA will be evolving beyond Flex 2 as we start to consider the solution opportunities that exist upon the wider Adobe Engagement Platform.

Alistair McLeod – Alistair has had an opportunity to deliver some stunning solutions on Flex 2.0 lately; already, we’re really leveraging the expressiveness of MXML and ActionScript 3.0 to more rapidly deliver solutions to problems that were more challenging to achieve with Flex 1.x. I’d expect to see some code-gems from Alistair in the months ahead, as he shares examples of some of the ways in which we’re pushing Flex 2 to it’s limits.

Andy Rayne – iteration::two employee number 3, Andy has been building RIAs with us since Flash MX 2004, ActionScript 1.0 and the Flash Remoting days. Andy has also been with Ali and I (pre-iteration::two !!) while we learned to embrace how agile development could improve the way we were delivering web-delivered software. Often the guy that “keeps us real” with unit-testing, test-driven development, refactoring and all things agile, Andy has also been knee-deep in the delivery of Flex solutions since he first built I expect we’ll see a lot of “in the trenches” blog posts from Andy in the months ahead.

Daniel Harfleet – When I think about dot com, I think of me and Dan. Dan came to iteration::two with a tremendous amount of experience delivering enterprise solutions over the web, mobile and iDTV. Since the early days of Flex 1.x, Dan was keen to understand how Flex and JMS could be leveraged together. It’s no surprise therefore that he has been very focussed on understanding the solution opportunities that exist as we marry these technologies together through Flex Data Services. Dan has also been responsible in the last few years, for the delivery of some truly innovative solutions that bring client-side technologies such as Flex and Flash Media Server together with J2EE and persistence tier technologies such as Hibernate and iBatis. I’m excited about some of the technical integration solutions that Dan proposes.

Peter Martin – Peter joined Adobe Consulting with a deep expertise in the delivery of mission-critical J2EE applications, particularly in the financial services industry. Stand at a whiteboard and mention security, performance, load balancing, clustering, session replication or single-sign on, and the room hasn’t suddenly gone dark, it’s just Peter standing behind you at the whiteboard. Peter also joined us with a passion for agile delivery of software, and has already done some great work for us in our continuous build environment, working on our internal tooling around Flex Unit, Cruise Control, and improving development workflow in Eclipse. I think you’ll get a great deal of productivity enhancement in your Flex development from some of what I expect Peter to be sharing.

Gerry McLarnon – Gerry also joined Adobe Consulting with a deep expertise of J2EE application development, also with strong focus in the financial services industry, and is leading the development of financial service Flex projects for us in Edinburgh. Gerry is a big fan of the integrated development environment, and of developers learning to use tools like the integrated debugger in Flex Builder 2.0 to improve their productivity. I’d also expect a great deal of J2EE crossover from Gerry in his blog posts, and look forward to the Flex 2 experiences that he’ll be able to share in the weeks and months ahead.

Paul Williams – Paul has also crossed over from enterprise web-application development with J2EE, into the brave new world of RIA development. Paul has been concentrated heavily on developing with Flex 2, Cairngorm 2 and Flex Builder 2. Paul has been focussed on the development of dashboard applications with a number of Adobe Consulting clients of late, and so has particular focus with Flex 2 container development with templates, component development and skinning with the Flex 2 framework.

Alex Uhlmann – finally, Alex was the last hire at iteration::two, before we were acquired by Macromedia Consulting. It’s fair to say that his creation and contribution to the open-source Animation Package project was what caught our eye with Alex, and we’ve really been leveraging that knowledge, combined with the new expressiveness capabilities of the new Flash Player, to deliver what we think is a step-change in interactivity, choreography and user-experience with Flex applications. I’d be surprised if some of his first contributions to his blog are not around leveraging this expressiveness of the Flash Player, and achieving an even great degree of cinematic effect. However, Alex has been churning out a number of Flex 2 projects recently and will have much to share with us in general I expect.

In the months ahead, I’m sure more of our Adobe Consulting colleagues will be joining us in the blogosphere, but for the time being, the guys above have been charged with disseminating some of the good-stuff out to the community as much as possible. Typically, we’ll watch flexcoders to get a sense of where the community perhaps is in need of guidance, and so don’t be surprised if our blog posts start to provide deep insight into some of your flexcoders questions from time to time.

And so all that remains, is to mark this as the final post on the iteration::two weblog at Our blog, which started life as a small part of the burgeoning Flexcoders community, has been a source of much reward from us, allowing us to reach out and connect with a tremendous community to date. When Flex 2 ships, I expect to see a tremendous spurt in the growth of that community, and hope that our grown-up Adobe Consulting blogs can bring that same reward. won’t be disappearing anywhere soon, so all the archived posts are still available.

iteration::two was a blast. But this next iteration is going to be a great deal more fun…