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Flex, Java and JBoss – Dan Harfleets “Coffee Break” guides

Dan Harfleet is one of the technical architects in the Adobe Consulting RIA Practice based in EMEA; I want to draw attention to a series of articles Dan has been posting, as I’m not sure he’s being picked up by the MXNA aggregator just yet.

Dan’s premise was to write a series of short articles that would allow anyone who wants to “get going with Flex during their coffee break” get started. Dan’s series of blog entries covers installing Flex Data Services, setting up FlexBuilder as a combined Java and Flex development environment, and integrating Java and Flex with RPC services. I know there are several more of these Java/Flex coffee-break guides ready for publishing, so might I suggest you bookmark Dan’s blog and if you haven’t got a caffeine habit already, consider acquiring one.

Adobe Consulting at MAX2006

With the agenda for MAX2006 online today, I’d like to draw attention to some of the talks that will be presented by the Adobe Consulting team.

I’m presenting on Cairngorm once again; however, things have moved on a great deal since I first announced the open-source Cairngorm at MAX2004 in New Orleans, and then walked people through developing with Cairngorm at MAX2005 in Anaheim. At MAX2006, not only will I recap for those new to the Flex platform, but I’ll be unveiling some of the work Adobe Consulting has done to build Cairngorm solutions that leverage other Engagement Platform technologies such as Flex Data Services, Flash Lite and Apollo.

From the EMEA RIA Practice, I’ll be joined by Alistair McLeod, Peter Martin and Alex Uhlmann.

Alistair will be presenting on all things testing – from unit-testing and test-driven development using FlexUnit, to the continuous integration environments we are using within Adobe Consulting (using FlexUnit, Ant and Cruise Control) and functional and regression testing with automated testing tools.

Peter Martin has become quite the J2EE security guy in our practice, and is presenting on Securing Flex applications; I know that Peter will be basing his presentation on some material he is presenting internally within Adobe Consulting to our worldwide consulting team, so this will be a great presentation for sure.

And talking of great presentations, Alex Uhlmann already did an internal presentation to Adobe Consulting, which drew crowds from the Flex product team as well. Alex was showing off some of the tremendous work that has been done on Flex 2 projects of late, leveraging his AnimationPackage experience against his experience developing highly-fluid user-experiences conceived by our User Experience (UX) practice. I’ve not seen many push the envelope of Flex 2 effects as much as Alex has (I can hear cries of objection from Ely Greenfield, who has been quietly scheming to usurp Alex), and I know he can’t wait to be able to make his experience available to the development community.

Talking of our User Experience (UX) practice, I notice that Albert Poon is lined up to present “Designing More Usable Applications with Flex UI Capabilities”. Albert hails from our San Francisco office, and is deeply enthusiastic and talented around all things UX. I’ve really enjoyed the UX presentations in the past at MAX – from Brad Becker, John Bennett, Andrew Borovsky and Jerry Knight – and am really looking forward to catching Albert in action.

From our RIA Practice on the East Coast of the US, I see that my colleague John Bennett is presenting “Accesible RIA Development with Adobe Flex” alongside Andrew Kirkpatrick. Andrew is an Accessibility Engineer with Adobe, and our EMEA practice have also been working closely with him on solutions that we’re delivering within EMEA with Flex 2.

And from our RIA Practice on the West Coast, Scott Dreier will be talking about some of the work he has been involved in integrating a number of our technologies from the Engagement Platform – Flex, Live Cycle, Document Services, Acrobat 3D and Flash Media Server – to create compelling customer service applications. Should be another great presentation.

Kevin Ku of Adobe Consulting is also presenting on Flex and Live Cycle integration; expect to hear a lot more from us on how these 2 technologies can interplay and deliver significant value in doing so.

From within the rest of the Adobe team, there’s a venerable who’s who of presenters – Roger “you wanna know how the linker works, then buy me a beer” Gonzalez, Ely Greenfield and Jeff Vroom, Christophe Coenraets, as well as Dave George and Alex Harui.

A quick peek at the number of presentations on Apollo, from numerous members of the Apollo team such as Mike Chambers, Ethan Malasky, Brent Rosenquist, Chris Brichford and Stan Switzer, suggests that the community thirst to hear more detail about Apollo will be quenched in the arid desert of Nevada!

And that’s not to mention some great names from the community as well; it’s great to see both Joe Berkowitz of Allurent, and Dirk Eismann (among others) speaking as well.

I’m deeply excited about MAX2006 – it’s certainly shaping up to be another industry-shaping and information packed conference, and a great opportunity for us all to share in what we’re creating with the Adobe technologies comprising our Engagement Platform.

I hope to see many of you there!