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Speaking on Design-Led Innovation of RIA at Usability Professionals Association meeting

Is it really March since I last blogged….anyway; I’m speaking at a local chapter of the Usability Professionals Association tomorrow evening. It’s always a pleasure to speak at the UPA chapters – there is always a great blend of technologists, human-centrered designers and line of business owners, such that there’s great conversation around the importance of Design and Technology in unison.

The talk I’m giving is called “Design Led Innovation”, and talks of the Design approach that Adobe Consulting takes to creating innovative human-centered solutions that are able to fuse business needs with end-user needs upon Adobe (and other) technologies.

The talk takes place in Edinburgh; with the Edinburgh Festival in full swing, it feels like most of the world is here right now, so if you need a short break from the insanity, I’m speaking at the Microsoft Offices (I can’t think of a better place to demonstrate what we’ve been delivering with Flex and AIR over the last few years) on George Street, at 6pm tomorrow. I’ll be talking about our philosophy of Design Led Innovation, demonstrating some of the work that results from this philosophy and sharing some insights into “how we do it”.

Event details including location and times can be found here

It’s a talk I’ve given to customer, analysts and usergroups in the past, and will be a prelude to some of the things I’ll be sharing at MAX in Chicago and Barcelona later in the year.