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AC@MAX2008 on "Television on AIR – Creating Custom Media Player Experiences"

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Increasingly, our user-experience and technology teams at Adobe Consulting have been engaging in projects that not only leverage Flex, AIR and LiveCycle ES to create enterprise/business Rich Internet Applications, but in projects that leverage technologies like Flex and AIR "on the glass" with "behind the glass" technologies such as Flash Media Server and Flash Media Rights Management Server, in order that we can create innovative broadcast experiences that will be experienced by millions of eyeballs at a time.

Xavi Beumala (Adobe Consulting, London) and John Bennett (Adobe Consulting, Boston) have both been engaged in a number of these exciting projects over the last several months, and between them will be responsible along with their colleagues for the technical delivery of products that I’m confident many of us will be consumers of in the months ahead.

In the first instance, creating a custom media player is about creating an online experience that is more compelling than experiencing the content on a television. John and Xavi will talk about how some of these innovative features can be implemented on the Flex and AIR platforms – whether that be building social communities over the content itself, or more innovative ways of engaging with more innovative online content.

However, fundamental to a great broadcast experience is everything focussed around delivering the highest-quality of viewing experience.  With the H.264 capabilities of the Flash Player, there is ever increasing desire to deliver the highest-definition of quality, which in itself creates recurring technical challenges that must be considered and addressed.  Whether it’s considering encoding and codec tradeoffs, picture size optimisations, bitrate and bandwidth requirements or architectures for content delivery networks,or whether it’s understanding the workflows that allow the secure delivery of rights-managed video, there are a myriad of technology and application decisions that need to be made that can have impact on the overall viewing experience.

Drawing upon real-world experiences of implementing several television experiences online, I’m looking forward to the best-practices and deep technical-tips that I know Xavi and John will have to share.

Session Details:

Television on AIR: Creating Custom Media Player Experiences

Join Adobe Consulting for a discussion on projects in which broadcasters and media organizations needed applications to stream protected video to consumers desktops. Learn how to create these experiences using dynamic media technologies. Hear Adobe Consulting best practices for Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe Media Player, Flash Media Server, and Flash Media Rights Management Server.

Speakers: Xavi Beumala Segura, John Bennett
Audience: Creative Designer, Architect, Application Developer
Skill: Intermediate
Products: Flex, Flash Player, Flash Media Server, AIR
Monday, November 17, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm