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AC@MAX2008 on "RIA Development with Cairngorm – Tips from the Experts"

Peter Martin (Adobe Consulting, Edinburgh) and Eric Garza (Adobe Consulting, San Francisco) are both key members of the Adobe Consulting architect community who together have been responsible for leveraging many of the same patterns and practices across wildly different projects, whether they be financial services, manufacturing, military or healthcare projects.  Fundamental to all of their projects, have been underlying implementations based upon the Cairngorm architecture, and along the way the teams they participate in have had to face many of the same challenges that you are facing on your projects. 

Have you ever asked yourself:

“How might I use Cairngorm with Modules ?”

“I’m sure Adobe Consulting aren’t advocating a single huge ModelLocator class for all my client-side state, so what might be some tips or best-practices for managing the model in a Cairngorm application ?”

“Are there standard ways for managing Login and Logout behavior in a Cairngorm based RIA ? How can I more tightly tie this to the underlying security model of the application server, and how can I ensure on Logout that I’ve really cleared down the local state on my application ?”

“Are there times when I don’t need a business delegate and service locator; like when I’m using Data Management Services for instance ?”

I’m sure you have many many more questions, where the answer isn’t always that we should be adding more library, more code, or more APIs to Cairngorm, but rather we should be sharing with you the tactics and strategies we use when addressing these recurring challenges, and addressing them in a way that fits elegantly within a Flex and Cairngorm application, using the “right part of the right framework for the job”.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve observed Peter and Eric engaging the worldwide Adobe Consulting community in an “archaeological expedition” to dig up all the tips and best-practices that we could categorise and share around how we work with and within Cairngorm on our own Flex and AIR applications.  This presentation is very much a catalyst for us documenting so many of our learnings, will leave you with numerous tips and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own project, all presented in the context of learnings, solutions and recurring approaches on real-world Adobe Consulting projects.

If there are any particular tips or techniques that you’d like the guys to share, leave me a note in the comments and we’ll see if it’s something they can cover in the time available!

Session Details:

RIA Development with Cairngorm: Tips from the Experts

Learn some of the tips and tricks from Adobe consultants who are using Cairngorm on large-scale Flex, Adobe AIR, and LiveCycle ES projects. Discover emerging usage patterns on topics such as security, modules, internationalization, data management services, and working with AIR, and take away ideas for your own developments.
Speakers: Eric Garza, Peter Martin
Audience: Architect, Application Developer
Skill: Intermediate
Products: LiveCycle DS, Flex, AIR
Wednesday, November 19, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm