Introducing Adobe Community Help Client for TCS 3.0

The Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.0 ships with a brand new Help system called the Adobe Community Help Client (CHC).  The CHC is installed by default with TCS 3.0, replacing the erstwhile Adobe Help Viewer 2.

The CHC is an AIR application that provides Help content for the TCS suite of products, and is your one-stop shop to a variety of Adobe and non-Adobe learning content.

Here are some of the key features of the Adobe Community Help Client:

  • Up-to-date definitive reference content both online and offline. The CHC accesses content directly from the web. So, when you open the CHC for the first time, an Internet connection is needed. You can then download the Help content to your desktop to use and search offline.
  • Content updates and feature enhancements without reinstalling the AIR application.
  • Advanced search capabilities that let you search Adobe Help content as well as content provided by the community. You can search in both online and offline mode. The CHC provides you a number of search refinements to help you narrow down your search.
  • In-context navigation or dynamic navigation. This is a really nifty feature of the CHC, where a set of related links are dynamically generated based on the context of your search results.
  • Ability to comment on, rate, and contribute to content in the Adobe community.
  • Browser-like user experience that includes tabbed browsing, History, Favorites, the Find feature, and more.

I’ll be covering each of these features in good detail in a series of upcoming blog posts. So, stay tuned to this space!