Print documents with large page size on regular printer

You have a regular office/home printer you feed A4 sheets to. When you print a document bigger than A4 size, it is either scaled down to fit the paper size or it comes out across different pages in a not-so-elegant way. In the later case, you end up cutting out margins, matching edges, and sticking tape across various sheets. It is a common issue without many helpful answers.

If you identify with these scenarios then you have come to the right post! Read on to know how to easily print over-sized pages on A4 sized papers, elegantly and quickly. This is especially useful when printing posters, maps, marketing material, etc.

  1. From your application print/export the document (containing over-sized pages) to PDF format, using the Adobe PDF printer.
  2. Open the generated PDF file in the free Adobe Reader X, Acrobat X Standard, or Acrobat X Professional.
  3. Go to the Print dialog (File > Print) and select Tile Large Pages as the Page Scaling option, in the Page Handling section.
  4. (Optional) If you wish to preview the ’tiles’ before printing, publish to a PDF format. Regenerate or print this intermediate PDF file after previewing.
  5. (Optional) Checking the Cut Marks option prints marks on individual tiles and checking the Labels option prints date and tile coordinates on individual tiles. Both these options assist in assembling tiles after printing.
  6. (Optional) You can change the scaling by editing the default value (100%) in Tile Scale.
  7. Select your desktop printer and print.

Read more in this help article.

Updated on 11 Jan: In Step 7 above make sure your printer is not printing in duplex mode! You want to print only one tile on a sheet of paper. Read how to create print presets here.

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