FrameMaker Captivate integration in TCS3

Instead of plain text documents, readers are looking for a richer experience when they consume content—across all platforms, devices, and formats. TCS3 includes two industry leading tools for authoring documents and creating eLearning content—FrameMaker 10 and Captivate 5—which provide just that!

TCS3 makes you even more productive by providing strong coupling between all its components. For example, while authoring, you don’t have to leave the FrameMaker environment to create and insert Adobe Captivate demonstrations. FrameMaker documents containing demos can be published just like any other FrameMaker document, and in as many ways.

Watch the following demo to know how you can create and insert demos on-the-fly, resize them, set poster frame, and how they look in the output.

If you already have a video created in Adobe Captivate, directly insert it into FrameMaker by importing.

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