History, Favorites, and one-click bookmarking in the Adobe Community Help Client

The Adobe Community Help Client (CHC) maintains a history of the web sites and pages that you visited in the past.

Select History > Browsing History to find pages that you recently visited. To clear all the data of your browsing activities with a single click – just, click Clear History. It’s that easy.

The CHC provides the “Favorites” feature to let you search and organize your web pages more effectively.  Just like you would do with a browser, you can add pages that you visit often to your “Favorites” in the CHC, so that you can easily return to these web pages.

 To bookmark a page, click  in the top right-corner of the page.

To save the bookmark, provide a name for the bookmarked page, or you can go with the name offered by the CHC. Select the Favorites folder to add the page to your favorites. If you want to organize the links into relevant folders, select the folder that you want to add this link to.