Technical Communication Suite 3 : Linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics in RoboHelp 9

RoboHelp 9 has introduced an additional option to the File > Link > FrameMaker Document menu command that lets you link to FrameMaker DITAMaps and FrameMaker DITA Topics. FrameMaker users working with DITA can now link FrameMaker ditamap and dita topics as well in addition to FrameMaker books, FrameMaker documents, and Word documents.

Note: To use this feature, you need to have Technical Communication Suite 3 installed.

I would like to draw your attention to a combination of features that Technical Communication Suite 3 provides to a variety of users that include technical writers and solution integrators, especially supporters of single sourcing and DITA users. The features are:

  • FrameMaker 10 support for DITA 1.2
  • RoboHelp 9 support for linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics

FrameMaker 10 support of DITA 1.2

FrameMaker 10 has added support for DITA 1.2 and improved the user interface to support the new features in DITA 1.2. Users working with DITA 1.1 can continue using it with the user interface improvements.

Further, DITA 1.2 specifications have introduced several new features that FrameMaker 10 provides. For example, indirect referencing through keyref and content referencing to a range of elements.

Further reading about FrameMaker 10 and DITA 1.2 features:

FrameMaker Structured Authoring using DITA

RoboHelp 9 linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics

You can now link FrameMaker DITA Maps and FrameMaker DITA Topics to your RoboHelp projects.

The power of single source publishing can be utilized with the help of this new option.

Further reading about RoboHelp linking FrameMaker Document:

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