Adobe RoboHelp 9 learning resources

Adobe RoboHelp has just shipped, and there’s a lot new! I encourage you to download the trial version and start playing with the app. As an authoring tool, this version can claim to be not just in the league of the best in town but in many ways “next generation”.

Here’s a quick look at the resources you have at this point to learn and use the product.

What’s new in RoboHelp 9

New feature description on RoboHelp 9 product page

New feature videos on Adobe TV

Kevin Siegel’s review of RoboHelp 9

Peter Grainge’s RoboHelp Tour

RoboHelp 9 Help and RoboHelp Server 9 Help are also live. Please use the commenting feature to add tips, links to related content, or any actionable feedback.

The RoboHelp Help and Support page is also updated with links to core Help resources and popular community sites.

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