Aggregate favorite articles in a RoboHelp project

For RoboHelp users, is a valuable bookmark. This site, maintained by the formidable Peter Grainge, is a storehouse of troubleshooting tips that Peter has discovered from using RoboHelp extensively, across its many versions. Like Peter, the RoboHelp community has many stalwarts who create incredibly good content on RoboHelp.

If you’re a RoboHelp user, follow these steps to create your own RoboHelp project with your favorite published articles:

  1. Create a project. <detailed steps>
  2. Add topics, one for each article you want to link to. Delete the default text in each topic. <detailed steps>
  3. Double-click the default TOC in Project Manager and auto-create the TOC. <detailed steps>
  4. Right-click each page in the TOC pod. Select Web Address from the Link to drop-down list. Specify the URL for the article. <detailed steps>
  5. Link to web addresses

    Link to web addresses

  6. Generate the output. <detailed steps>

Here’s the output of my aggregated project created in a few seconds:

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