Customizing the Adobe Community Help Client using Preferences

The Adobe Community Help Client (CHC) offers a number of preferences to help you personalize your CHC, and control how the content is displayed. 

Select Edit > Preferences to set your CHC preferences.

General Settings

  • You can choose a light or dark colored theme for the CHC.
  • Browsing History and Search History are enabled, by default. If you wish you can disable that option.
  • The CHC is launched as an AIR application, by default. You can, however, choose to launch the CHC in your web browser by selecting Open Help In Browser.
  • The CHC downloads the Help packages to your desktop, and provides an option to view them offline. To do so, set Display Local Help Content Only to Yes. Note that you need to be connected to the Internet once to completely download the Help packages. And, any new updates to the Help packages will not be available unless you go online again.


  • When you have multiple tabs open. By default, a message appears alerting you about multiple open tabs. You can choose to turn off this alert.
  • The Tab bar allows you to add more tabs, and is displayed by default. You can choose to not display the Tab bar. You can, however, still open a new tab by selecting File > New Tab or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T. 

Download Preferences, Updater Settings, Local Content

You can specify your download preferences by selecting the products and Help packages that you want for offline use. If the downloaded Help packages are up-to-date, the status of the Local Content for each Help package shows as Current.

CHC provides content updates and feature enhancements without reinstalling the AIR application. Select Notify Me When Updates Are Available to be prompted for new updates when you either open or close the CHC. You can also choose to manually search and install updates.