Checking Documents in FrameMaker Using SDL AuthorAssistant

You can opt to check a document, multiple documents, or book either opened or closed. The checking options are:

  • Active document or a selection in the document
  • Multiple documents or book
  • From report

Check active document

  • Click SDL AuthorAssistant > Check Text – Active Document. To check only a section of the document, select the section of text before you check.

All suggested corrections are displayed in a separate dockable window, SDL AuthorAssistant Results. It displays the source sentence with the erroneous words highlighted in red color in an editable text box. The bottom half of the window displays the reason for the error and possible alternatives.

Checking your document

Checking your document

You can:

  • Accept suggested alternatives, if any
  • Type a correction and click Apply to change the sentence in the document
  • Revert any changes
  • Recheck the changes you make before applying them
  • Apply changes to the next similar error

After correcting a sentence, move on to the next error in the document.

Batch process multiple documents or files in a book

  • Click SDL AuthorAssistant > Check Text – Multiple Documents and then select the appropriate option in the Multiple Document wizard. The documents that you select are automatically checked in sequence. Closed documents are automatically opened for checking.

Check documents from report

You can obtain reports for multiple documents in one go. In this case, first run the report on the documents and then run checks from the report results. When you check from reports, instead of checking the entire document, SDL AuthorAssistant limits the checks to issues contained in the report. This option is effective when you have large documents to check. For example, if you want to generate a report for all the files in a book.

Creating reports

  1. Click SDL AuthorAssistant > Reporting – Active Document/SDL AuthorAssistant > Reporting – Multiple Documents.
  2. Select the options and click OK.
  3. (Only for multiple documents) Select one of the options in the Multiple Documents Wizard and complete the steps: currently open, documents from a file system, FrameMaker Book, or from DITA map.
  4. Specify a report name and then click Save.

SDL AuthorAssistant generates the report in an HTML format and opens it in the default browser.

Performing the check

  • Click SDL AuthorAssistant > Check Text – From Report.

SDL AuthorAssistant reports The report generated by AuthorAssistant has the following sections:

  • Metadata for the report, such as the time it was generated, number of files checked, and the author name.
  • A cumulative summary of total errors categorized by the error type in the selected files.
  • File names in case you have generated the report for multiple files. You can click each link to see the list of errors categorized by the error type.
  • Each error category also shows the exact error and the instances of each in the document.
  • The concluding section summarizes the settings that were enabled and disabled when the report was run, details of translation memories, and termbases used.
Sample report

Sample report

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