RoboHelp – Captivate integration in TCS

Unlike her colleagues, Diana brings out great-looking help systems which are interactive, textual, graphical, and animating. When others always miss the boat, Diana communicates simple, retainable and usable content.

A peek into her friends’ work confirmed that while everyone knew the power of multimedia, only Diana took full advantage of the tools in her kitty. Only she explored the gains of using an integrated tool system, Technical Communication Suite, to output a holistic content experience, whereas her teammates hopped between tools, delayed themselves by dependencies of format compatibilities and information logistics, and midway abandoned their colorful multimedia plans.

This blog explores the multimedia possibilities in TCS and explains how you can include Captivate demonstrations in a help system developed using RoboHelp.

  1. Create a demonstration in Adobe Captivate and publish it as a SWF file.
  2. Import the SWF file into your RoboHelp topic.
  3. Publish the topic to any of the output formats (including devices) that are supported by RoboHelp.

The Captivate videos embedded within the topics play perfectly well on your users’ computers or devices just like your RoboHelp content does.

Note: For information on including Captivate videos in FrameMaker, see this blog. You can access the Technical Communication Suite 3 online help here.

Creating Captivate videos

You can create Captivate videos to:

• Demonstrate a tool or software. This type of a video typically does not need user interaction. You can also create a custom video that can demonstrate and also train users simultaneously.
• Train users on a tool or a software. The video in this case is interactive, and every slide waits for the user to complete an action that you have instructed the user to perform.
• Add assessment questions as a quiz to your RoboHelp project. You can integrate Captivate with a learning management system (LMS), such as Questionmark Perception, to track the quiz results of users.

If you are new to Adobe Captivate or want to know more about its features, go through the Captivate getting started series available here.

After creating the video, publish it as a SWF file.

Inserting Captivate SWF files into a RoboHelp topic

1. Open the topic into which you want to insert the Captivate video.
2. Click Insert > Adobe Captivate Demo.
3. Browse to the location where the demo is saved, and click open.

The demo is inserted into the topic.

These steps are demonstrated in the first two steps of the video attached in this blog.

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