Determining Video Duration in Adobe Captivate 5.0

In this blog post, Ashu Vashishtha shares a tip on determining the total length of a video along with the break-up of individual slide duration in Adobe Captivate 5. She has been using Adobe Captivate quite extensively of late at her workplace, Cadence Design Systems.

In Adobe Captivate 5 (5.0.1), the total duration of the video is available in the Project Info panel (File > Project Info).

Video duration in Project Info

Video duration in Project Info

To view the total duration and the duration of each slide simultaneously, enable the Table of Contents for your project. This way you can identify those slides that you can modify to fine-tune the total video duration.

Here’s how you can enable the TOC and determine the time duration:

  1. Do one of the following to display the TOC:
    • Choose Project – Table of Contents. The SKIN EDITOR window appears, displaying the settings for TOC.
    • Choose Project – Skin Editor. The SKIN EDITOR window appears. Click the TOC button to display the TOC settings.
TOC icon in Skin Editor

TOC icon in Skin Editor

  1. In the SKIN EDITOR window, select the Show TOC checkbox.
    The Table of Contents is displayed on the left of the preview area with Slide Title and Duration as the table headings.
  2. Click the Show/hide TOC entries button to include all slides in the TOC. You can also show or hide individual slides by selecting the checkbox provided with each slide.
Show/Hide icon in Skin Editor

Show/Hide icon in Skin Editor

  1. Close the SKIN EDITOR window.
  2. Press F4 to generate a preview of the project.
    The video starts playing with TOC displayed on the left. This TOC displays the duration for each slide and also displays the total duration of the video at the bottom.
  3. Close the preview.

Note: After determining the video length, you can clear the Show TOC checkbox in the SKIN EDITOR if you do not want to include the TOC in the final output.

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