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Create your own custom menus for FrameMaker

Tweet If you want to: Remove options to edit template components, from an author’s FrameMaker installation. Personalize the existing FrameMaker menus by rearranging commands on menus or moving out a sub-menu command that you use frequently. Shorten FrameMaker menus by removing distracting (for you) options. … then read on. Let’s add menus first and then […]

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Accessibility features in FrameMaker

Tweet By Joydeep Dey. With an estimated 650 million differently-abled people in the world, accessibility has presented itself as a real challenge for the information technology industry. Many countries are instituting legislation (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States) that makes access to information, products, and services mandatory for individuals with […]


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Backlinking strategies for your web page

Tweet The SEO factors that influence the ranking position of your web page can be classified as on-page factors and off-page factors. You can directly control on-page factors, such as content relevance, by implementing SEO techniques. You can also indirectly influence off-page factors, such as link popularity and authority, by creating unique, high-value content that […]

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New RoboHelp articles and resources in Adobe Developer Center

Tweet We are working with a host of in-house and external RoboHelp subject matter experts to spruce up the RoboHelp content in Adobe Developer Center.  Post-RoboHelp_9_release, we have published a brand new RoboHelp resources page and the following new articles: Creating ebooks using RoboHelp 9 Integrating RoboHelp projects with Subversion A guide to the Adobe […]

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FrameMaker 10: A DITA practitioner’s primer for S1000D

Tweet S1000D is an international standard for technical publications. S1000D was first developed by the European military aerospace industry and is now adopted by countries and industries around the world. S1000D functionality in FrameMaker 10 is implemented using an application pack. Download and install the free Application Pack for S1000D ADOBE® FRAMEMAKER® 10 and you are ready […]

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24 Key RoboHelp Terms

Tweet My colleague, Nandini Gupta, and I have contributed an article explaining 24 key RoboHelp terms to Indus, the newsletter of the India chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). If you’re a new or intermediate-level user of RoboHelp, you’ll surely find it useful. The article also includes links to useful RoboHelp community content. […]

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Recommended OS/database combinations for RoboHelp Server

Tweet RoboHelp Server supports and interfaces with several combinations of enterprise and middleware platforms. The table below summarizes the recommended OS/database combinations on which you can install RoboHelp Server 9. It is recommended that you don’t install RoboHelp Server 9 on combinations marked with X in the table. Note: Click the table to view it full-size.

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Use of RoboHelp Server by Technical Publications Departments

Tweet By Makarand Pandit. As businesses are witnessing the Web 2.0 revolution, technical information distribution is going through a change in paradigm. Not long ago it was sufficient to publish information and let the end users consume it. With the increase in cloud computing, availability of social networks, and blogs; users are capable of creating […]