New RoboHelp articles and resources in Adobe Developer Center

We are working with a host of in-house and external RoboHelp subject matter experts to spruce up the RoboHelp content in Adobe Developer Center.  Post-RoboHelp_9_release, we have published a brand new RoboHelp resources page and the following new articles:

Creating ebooks using RoboHelp 9

Integrating RoboHelp projects with Subversion

A guide to the Adobe RoboHelp 9 sample projects

The RoboHelp resources page is a storehouse of goodies.

RoboHelp resources

Use the sample projects and sample output to create test cases and training material. There are two packages to understand and demonstrate the implementation of context-sensitive Help (CSH), including the new automated CSH authoring feature.

If you like an uncluttered workspace, you can download a basic workspace from the resources page. By keeping extra pods out of your way, you can become more productive when you use this workspace.

There are more articles planned for publishing. Watch this space or follow me on Twitter to get information about new articles as soon as they are published. You can also send me an e-mail ( to pitch an idea for a new article.

And in case you’re looking for an old familiar article, do check the archive page. Many of the articles linked from this page are still relevant.





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