New: FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript Documentation

The much-awaited FrameMaker ExtendScript documentation set is now available. The documentation set is enhanced using the value-add feedback from the Adobe customers and partners, including Michael Mueller-Hillebrand and Ian Proudfoot.

  1. OMV.xml:  The latest OMV.xml file and directions on how to install it on your system are available at:
  2. PDF documentation:  The PDF documentation is available at:

What is ExtendScript?

ExtendScript is an extended implementation of JavaScript that provides a scripting interface for FrameMaker and many other Adobe applications. For more information on ExtendScript, see JavaScript Tools Guide.

Is ExtendScript difficult to learn?

ExtendScript is easy to learn. If you are familiar with FDK or a scripting language, especially JavaScript, you can immediately use ExtendScript.

What are some of the highlights of the ExtendScript Documentation?

  1. A comparison of FDK and ExtendScript to help people with prior FDK experience to learn ExtendScript faster
  2. Single source help information that replicates the ExtendScript data model and presents information in the same structure
  3. Explains properties in a class and provides links to all the methods in the class

What does the latest ExtendScript documentation include?

The ExtendScript documentation release includes enhancements based on the valuable feedback from the customers and partners. The documentation is single-sourced into two outputs:

  1. The Object Model Viewer replicates the object hierarchy of ExtendScript and presents the information in the same structure with clickable classes, properties, and methods. When you select a class, OMV displays the properties and methods. You can click the property and method names to display their details.
  2. The PDF document of ExtendScript has the following structure and information:


Information and structure

Chapter 1: Introduction Introduces ExtendScript and ExtendScript Toolkit. This chapter describes how to access and use ExtendScript Toolkit to write your first script.
Chapter 2: Sample scripts Includes sample scripts that you can copy-paste in the ExtendScript Toolkit, run, view  results. The next documentation release will have more sample scripts.
Chapter 3: FDK Vs ExtendScript For users who know FDK. Helps them understand the ExtendScript object model by explaining the naming differences between the two tools. This chapter also includes sample scripts to explain Notifications and Menus and Commands in ExtendScript.
Chapter 4: Object Reference Lists the classes in the ExtendScript object model and describes all the properties under these classes. Includes links to all method descriptions in all classes.
Chapter 5: Function Summary Lists the classes in the ExtendScript object model and all the methods under these classes with method descriptions, errors, syntax, and return values.


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