New videos in RoboHelp Help

Many users, especially new users trying to get up-to-speed with RoboHelp, find it easy to learn by watching videos. Those users now have a reason to cheer. We now have a RoboHelp channel on Adobe TV. Currently, 12 videos created by David Rivers for are available on that page. Topics covered are for two commonly used workflows: creating and generating webHelp and generating printed documentation.

To help you watch these videos from within RoboHelp online Help, we have embedded them on the relevant Help pages. Some videos found on youtube have also been embedded in related Help topics. Let us know if you find the videos useful.

Video Help page
Creating and opening WebHelp projects
Importing PDFs to create a project
Importing Word documents
Linking to a Word document
Changing project settings
Auto-creating a TOC
Adding custom search terms
Generating a project
Setting general print properties
Organizing topics and chapter layout
Organizing sections
Using Style Mapping
Setting printer options

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