New: FDK 11 documentation now available


We are pleased to share the FDK 11 documentation with you. The documentation is available in the FDK section of the Adobe FrameMaker Devnet page.

The following major enhancements have been made in this release:

Key catalogs for key-based (indirect) referencing

FDK 11 support key catalogs for indirect referencing. You can define a key for a file or resource in your project; updating the key will update the references to the file or resource everywhere.

A key catalog is a collection of all the keys in your project—you can manage all the keys from the key catalog.

New FDK APIs to update DITA references

Two new APIs, F_ApiUpdateDITAReference() and F_ApiUpdateDITAReferences() have been added to provide the ability to update DITA references.

Support for object styles

Object styles work similar to Paragraph and Character formats but work on objects. Users can save frequently used object properties as a style and can apply these object styles to various objects, such as images, anchored frames, and text frames for consistent size and appearance. Object styles are controlled through the new FO_GraphicsFmt object.

Support for multiple views

To support the FrameMaker 11 feature of multiple views, FDK 11 provides a new Session property FP_ActiveView, which can be set to one of the following:

  • WYSIWYG View
  • Author View
  • XML View

Support for hotspots in objects

FDK 11 supports hotspots through the following properties:

  • FP_ViewHotspotIndicators
  • FP_IsHotspot
  • FP_HotspotCmdStr
  • FP_HotspotTitle

Support for line numbers

The following properties are provided for managing line numbers:

  • FP_LineNumRestart
  • FP_LineNumShow
  • FP_LineNumDistance

Support for guided structured authoring with banner text

Banner text in a FrameMaker file instructs you about what to enter in an element. The following properties are used to handle banner text:

  • FP_BannerText
  • FP_BannerTextDisplay

For more information on the new features, see the What’s New section in the FDK Programmer’s Reference.