How to build a connector between your CMS and FrameMaker 11? New CMS API documentation now available!

FrameMaker 11 FDK has new APIs that allow you to build a connector with comprehensive support for any CMS. Using the new APIs, developers will be able to build a more seamless connector between any CMS and FrameMaker 11 with less effort!

The FDK 11 documentation is now updated with the new APIs, structures, and properties that you will need to make FrameMaker work with any CMS.

In FDK Programmer’s Reference:

  • Chapter 8 details about the new CMS APIs, structures, enums, error codes, and properties
  • Chapter 9 lists the APIs to automate the CMS connector functionality (you can automate the CMS operations once you have integrated the CMS connector with FrameMaker)

For more information, see FDK Programmer’s Reference in the FDK section of the Adobe FrameMaker Devnet page.

Also see:

A sample connector built using these APIs and an explanation of how it is built, see:

Open source, sample connector between FrameMaker 11 and Adobe CQ now available!