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Quickly learn how to create awesome demo videos

Tweet If you haven’t already caught the wind, Adobe Captivate Getting Started is a multimedia series of articles, tutorials, and instructional videos that put you on the path to accelerated Cp learning. The series includes: 100 short articles/tutorials that would help you get started with Adobe Captivate features 30+ videos and demonstration that explain the procedures […]

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RoboHelp – Captivate integration in TCS

Tweet Unlike her colleagues, Diana brings out great-looking help systems which are interactive, textual, graphical, and animating. When others always miss the boat, Diana communicates simple, retainable and usable content. A peek into her friends’ work confirmed that while everyone knew the power of multimedia, only Diana took full advantage of the tools in her […]

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Determining Video Duration in Adobe Captivate 5.0

Tweet In this blog post, Ashu Vashishtha shares a tip on determining the total length of a video along with the break-up of individual slide duration in Adobe Captivate 5. She has been using Adobe Captivate quite extensively of late at her workplace, Cadence Design Systems. In Adobe Captivate 5 (5.0.1), the total duration of […]

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Editing preloaders in Aggregator projects

Tweet You used a preloader in your Aggregator project and saved it on your disk (or published it). Now, you want to use a different preloader or remove it completely from the project, and are not able to figure out how? Read on… Open Adobe Captivate On the Welcome Screen, click Aggregator Project (in the […]


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‘Getting Started with Adobe Captivate’ series is now available!!

Tweet New to Adobe Captivate? Want to get a feel for what you can do with Adobe Captivate? Read up the articles and go through the videos in the ‘Getting Started with Adobe Captivate’ series at Note: Adobe Captivate is also available as part of Adobe Technical Communication Suite. This series consists of: • […]

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