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Interactive 3D models in PDF documents

Tweet A picture is worth a thousand words. How much would an interactive 3D Model be worth? See this sample 3D_Model PDF to help you decide. Universal 3D is a compressed file format for 3D computer graphics data, and Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader have support embedding and viewing these 3D models for some time […]

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Setting up a Table of Contents in FrameMaker

Asit Pant, a veteran technical communicator and FrameMaker community-member, shares valuable tips about setting up and formatting TOCs.

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Embed a TOC in a FrameMaker document

Here’s an easy way to embed a file-level TOC in a FrameMaker document. We’ll generate a standalone TOC for the document and then import it by reference into the same document.


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A curious case of broken cross-references

An interesting broken cross-reference case in FrameMaker and how to resolve it…

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Enable PDF text edits for text embedded in a screenshot

Consider you have to complete a UI content review for the product you work on. Wouldn’t things be easier if you could use Acrobat text-edit-markup features to highlight the relevant content embedded in images?

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Book-wide variables and attributes

Efficiently handle variables common across all files in a FrameMaker book…

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FrameMaker: Crucial considerations for generating PDF files

The options that you need to specify while generating PDF files from FrameMaker documents…

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PDF Portfolios using Acrobat

Tweet Technical Documents don’t exist in isolation. As we are all aware, the norm of the industry is documentation sets. A documentation set contains multiple documents, each with different pagination, formats, page sizes, and any other complexities that you can add to the mix. The only factor that unifies these documents is that they are […]

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