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Creating unique content

Tweet Since long, authors have faced the dilemma of whether to focus on extensive keyword research or create killer content that benefits users. Keyword research helps identify the most relevant user queries about your subject. However, to create unique content you must focus on user needs and think up ways to present relevant content in […]

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Backlinking strategies for your web page

Tweet The SEO factors that influence the ranking position of your web page can be classified as on-page factors and off-page factors. You can directly control on-page factors, such as content relevance, by implementing SEO techniques. You can also indirectly influence off-page factors, such as link popularity and authority, by creating unique, high-value content that […]

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FrameMaker 10: A DITA practitioner’s primer for S1000D

Tweet S1000D is an international standard for technical publications. S1000D was first developed by the European military aerospace industry and is now adopted by countries and industries around the world. S1000D functionality in FrameMaker 10 is implemented using an application pack. Download and install the free Application Pack for S1000D ADOBE® FRAMEMAKER® 10 and you are ready […]

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Adobe TCS 3.5: Input/Output files supported by FrameMaker 10, RoboHelp 9

Tweet Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5 (TCS3.5) is the industry-leading single-source authoring toolkit. With TCS3.5, you have the flexibility to link or import a wide variety of document and graphics formats into your authoring tool—FrameMaker or RoboHelp—and output to multiple channels: on the web, for print, and to mobile devices. In addition to textual and […]



Checking Documents in FrameMaker Using SDL AuthorAssistant

Tweet You can opt to check a document, multiple documents, or book either opened or closed. The checking options are: Active document or a selection in the document Multiple documents or book From report Check active document Click SDL AuthorAssistant > Check Text – Active Document. To check only a section of the document, select […]

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Configuring SDL AuthorAssistant for FrameMaker

Tweet SDL AuthorAssistant workflow After you install SDL AuthorAssistant and you see it appearing in the system tray and FrameMaker menu, the first step is to set up SDL AuthorAssistant for your customizations (as shown in the following workflow). SDL AuthorAssistant Configuration dialog box Use the SDL AuthorAssistant Configuration dialog box to set up your […]

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SDL AuthorAssistant for FrameMaker: Documentation and Additional Resources

Tweet SDL AuthorAssistant documentation SDL AuthorAssistant Tutorial: A Flash presentation that helps you get started with SDL AuthorAssistant (Start > All Programs > SDL > SDL AuthorAssistant 2010) FAQs on SDL AuthorAssistant for TCS users: Answers the questions that you might encounter when you work with SDL AuthorAssistant for FrameMaker SDL Author Assistant Installation Guide: […]

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Download and Install SDL AuthorAssistant for FrameMaker

Tweet SDL AuthorAssistant is not a stand-alone application. But since it is a plug-in for FrameMaker, you have to download and install it separately. Go to the following URL to download SDL AuthorAssistant: This page also lists the system requirements, installation instructions, and the licensing agreement. See the SDL Author Assistant Installation Guide available […]


Automating Style Checks in FrameMaker Using SDL AuthorAssistant

Tweet Poornima: Content..god’s plenty we have- white-papers, marketing collaterals, literature for the company Website, and more than all, that gigantic core Help. Do I ensure quality, style, standard for all that stuff; well I’ve a part-time editor, but to be honest, I can’t say all’s well. Dorothy: Writers, I’ve a score of them; also I […]


RoboHelp – Captivate integration in TCS

Tweet Unlike her colleagues, Diana brings out great-looking help systems which are interactive, textual, graphical, and animating. When others always miss the boat, Diana communicates simple, retainable and usable content. A peek into her friends’ work confirmed that while everyone knew the power of multimedia, only Diana took full advantage of the tools in her […]

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