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Creating unique content

Tweet Since long, authors have faced the dilemma of whether to focus on extensive keyword research or create killer content that benefits users. Keyword research helps identify the most relevant user queries about your subject. However, to create unique content you must focus on user needs and think up ways to present relevant content in […]

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Quickly learn how to create awesome demo videos

Tweet If you haven’t already caught the wind, Adobe Captivate Getting Started is a multimedia series of articles, tutorials, and instructional videos that put you on the path to accelerated Cp learning. The series includes: 100 short articles/tutorials that would help you get started with Adobe Captivate features 30+ videos and demonstration that explain the procedures […]

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Backlinking strategies for your web page

Tweet The SEO factors that influence the ranking position of your web page can be classified as on-page factors and off-page factors. You can directly control on-page factors, such as content relevance, by implementing SEO techniques. You can also indirectly influence off-page factors, such as link popularity and authority, by creating unique, high-value content that […]

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24 Key RoboHelp Terms

Tweet My colleague, Nandini Gupta, and I have contributed an article explaining 24 key RoboHelp terms to Indus, the newsletter of the India chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). If you’re a new or intermediate-level user of RoboHelp, you’ll surely find it useful. The article also includes links to useful RoboHelp community content. […]

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Localize graphics using Adobe Photoshop CS5

When it comes to translating text, we’re not all that slow. Modern memory translation systems can translate huge quantities of text, accurately and efficiently. Translating images? I don’t think so. Translated screenshots are usually taken by the localization vendors, and is typically a manual activity. It is costly in terms of time and money.

In this blog post, I propose a methodology to leverage data-driven graphics capability of Adobe Photoshop to generate translated screenshots. And because a vast majority of us are technical writers and not graphic designers, I’m also including small tutorial so that you can understand the process from a practical perspective.

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Determining Video Duration in Adobe Captivate 5.0

Tweet In this blog post, Ashu Vashishtha shares a tip on determining the total length of a video along with the break-up of individual slide duration in Adobe Captivate 5. She has been using Adobe Captivate quite extensively of late at her workplace, Cadence Design Systems. In Adobe Captivate 5 (5.0.1), the total duration of […]

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Convert files to PDF using Adobe Reader X

While you, the technical communicator, can always convert documents and digital assets to PDF using the Adobe PDF Printer that ships with Technical Communication Suite; let us explore an alternate way of creating quality PDFs that your marcomm colleagues can put to good use. “What software would they need to install first?”, you ask. Only Adobe Reader X, which is a free download from…

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Technical illustrations in FrameMaker 10

Tweet In FrameMaker, you can import or create graphics to add illustrations in your document. You can add text boxes, circles, lines, and arrows in the graphics. You can also resize, reshape, and rotate graphics in FrameMaker. You can import a graphic into an anchored or unanchored graphic frame, into a rectangle that serves as […]

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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 5)

In this blog post, we will discuss ‘Headings with Text.’ Well, I am aware that (almost) all headings have text, but here we are talking about headings that have some specific text added to them automatically, without you having to type that text…

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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 4)

In this detailed blog post series, Asit Pant, a veteran technical communicator and FrameMaker community-member, guides you through the main steps in the process of creating a FrameMaker template. The information in this series is targeted mainly toward creating unstructured templates, but many parts of it also apply to structured templates.

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