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Using TCS3 to implement authoring guidelines for search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO methods use authoring best practices to generate content that is highly relevant to search engines. Presenting highly relevant, quality content enables search engines to easily index your web page and display it prominently in searches. This blog post discusses how you can use authoring tools, such as Adobe® Technical Communication Suite 3 (TCS3) to implement content authoring guidelines for SEO.

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Two best practices from RoboHelp 9 sample projects

Tweet Some days back, I had blogged about the two sample projects that come with Adobe RoboHelp 9. While the primary purpose of these projects is to demonstrate some of the new and old features of RoboHelp, these projects also exemplify some cool best practices for authoring in RoboHelp. Use of cross-hatching to indicate that a topic/text […]

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