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RoboHelp – Captivate integration in TCS

Tweet Unlike her colleagues, Diana brings out great-looking help systems which are interactive, textual, graphical, and animating. When others always miss the boat, Diana communicates simple, retainable and usable content. A peek into her friends’ work confirmed that while everyone knew the power of multimedia, only Diana took full advantage of the tools in her […]

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FrameMaker Captivate integration in TCS3

Tweet Instead of plain text documents, readers are looking for a richer experience when they consume content—across all platforms, devices, and formats. TCS3 includes two industry leading tools for authoring documents and creating eLearning content—FrameMaker 10 and Captivate 5—which provide just that! TCS3 makes you even more productive by providing strong coupling between all its […]

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Technical Communication Suite 3 is here!

Tweet Technical Communication Suite 3 has now gone live! Some of the new features include: Robust single sourcing and publishing to multiple devices including ePub from both FrameMaker and RoboHelp environments (TCS special versions). Seamless review and collaboration. Improved cross-product integration. Complete suite supports scripting, thus strengthening automation workflows. Improved search capability in the outputs. […]

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