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FrameMaker 10: Using Element Descriptions to cut down writers’ training costs and efforts

Tweet Prolog The guided-tour like authoring experience of FrameMaker just got even better. In addition to the structured view, element catalog, and view elements as tags, FrameMaker 10 displays element descriptions next to the element names in the element catalog. This article introduces Element Descriptions and illustrates how you can port additional text/help that appears […]

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Get an insight of the Usability Enhancements in FrameMaker 10

Tweet Usability enhancements in FrameMaker 10 simplify various tasks in the content authoring process. Features such as tag enhancements, tracking changes at book level, drag and drop contents, auto spell check, undo/repeat actions, suppressing alerts, defining background color to text and lot more, facilitate and increase your authoring efficiency. Take a look at the following […]

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