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New: FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript Documentation

Tweet The much-awaited FrameMaker ExtendScript documentation set is now available. The documentation set is enhanced using the value-add feedback from the Adobe customers and partners, including Michael Mueller-Hillebrand and Ian Proudfoot. OMV.xml:  The latest OMV.xml file and directions on how to install it on your system are available at: PDF documentation:  The PDF documentation […]

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FrameMaker 10: Using Element Descriptions to cut down writers’ training costs and efforts

Tweet Prolog The guided-tour like authoring experience of FrameMaker just got even better. In addition to the structured view, element catalog, and view elements as tags, FrameMaker 10 displays element descriptions next to the element names in the element catalog. This article introduces Element Descriptions and illustrates how you can port additional text/help that appears […]

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Create your own custom menus for FrameMaker

Tweet If you want to: Remove options to edit template components, from an author’s FrameMaker installation. Personalize the existing FrameMaker menus by rearranging commands on menus or moving out a sub-menu command that you use frequently. Shorten FrameMaker menus by removing distracting (for you) options. … then read on. Let’s add menus first and then […]

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Accessibility features in FrameMaker

Tweet By Joydeep Dey. With an estimated 650 million differently-abled people in the world, accessibility has presented itself as a real challenge for the information technology industry. Many countries are instituting legislation (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States) that makes access to information, products, and services mandatory for individuals with […]


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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 5)

In this blog post, we will discuss ‘Headings with Text.’ Well, I am aware that (almost) all headings have text, but here we are talking about headings that have some specific text added to them automatically, without you having to type that text…

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What’s new in FrameMaker 10

Tweet Adobe released FrameMaker 10 on January 11, 2011. By now, enthusiastic Framers have read many reviews, checked out the trial version, and made notes of their own fav features. For those who haven’t, here’s a quick list of What’s new in FrameMaker10 articles that’s worth checking: What’s new topic in FrameMaker documentation Blog post […]

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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 4)

In this detailed blog post series, Asit Pant, a veteran technical communicator and FrameMaker community-member, guides you through the main steps in the process of creating a FrameMaker template. The information in this series is targeted mainly toward creating unstructured templates, but many parts of it also apply to structured templates.

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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 3)

In part 3 of this detailed blog post series, Asit Pant, a veteran technical communicator and FrameMaker community-member, explains how you can change the bullet character for your unordered lists…

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FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts-A ready reckoner

FrameMaker provides keyboard shortcuts for all common actions, thereby increasing your efficiency and reducing your effort. Read on to know how they are useful and to download a PDF you can print and pin at your desk, for quick reference.

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Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 2)

Advanced information about bulleted lists, list building blocks, and sub-bullets…

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