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Setting up a Table of Contents in FrameMaker

Asit Pant, a veteran technical communicator and FrameMaker community-member, shares valuable tips about setting up and formatting TOCs.

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Embed a TOC in a FrameMaker document

Here’s an easy way to embed a file-level TOC in a FrameMaker document. We’ll generate a standalone TOC for the document and then import it by reference into the same document.


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A curious case of broken cross-references

An interesting broken cross-reference case in FrameMaker and how to resolve it…

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Book-wide variables and attributes

Efficiently handle variables common across all files in a FrameMaker book…

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FrameMaker: Crucial considerations for generating PDF files

The options that you need to specify while generating PDF files from FrameMaker documents…

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FrameMaker: Making comments stand out

Applying a character tag to comments and editorial notes makes them stand out from the rest of the content even when condition indicators are hidden.

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