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New RoboHelp articles and resources in Adobe Developer Center

Tweet We are working with a host of in-house and external RoboHelp subject matter experts to spruce up the RoboHelp content in Adobe Developer Center.  Post-RoboHelp_9_release, we have published a brand new RoboHelp resources page and the following new articles: Creating ebooks using RoboHelp 9 Integrating RoboHelp projects with Subversion A guide to the Adobe […]

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What’s new in FrameMaker 10

Tweet Adobe released FrameMaker 10 on January 11, 2011. By now, enthusiastic Framers have read many reviews, checked out the trial version, and made notes of their own fav features. For those who haven’t, here’s a quick list of What’s new in FrameMaker10 articles that’s worth checking: What’s new topic in FrameMaker documentation Blog post […]

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Two best practices from RoboHelp 9 sample projects

Tweet Some days back, I had blogged about the two sample projects that come with Adobe RoboHelp 9. While the primary purpose of these projects is to demonstrate some of the new and old features of RoboHelp, these projects also exemplify some cool best practices for authoring in RoboHelp. Use of cross-hatching to indicate that a topic/text […]

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Get up and running with RoboHelp 9 sample projects

Your RoboHelp 9 installation (download from here) includes two sample projects called EmployeeCare and SalesBuilder.

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