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Creating unique content

Tweet Since long, authors have faced the dilemma of whether to focus on extensive keyword research or create killer content that benefits users. Keyword research helps identify the most relevant user queries about your subject. However, to create unique content you must focus on user needs and think up ways to present relevant content in […]

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Recommended OS/database combinations for RoboHelp Server

Tweet RoboHelp Server supports and interfaces with several combinations of enterprise and middleware platforms. The table below summarizes the recommended OS/database combinations on which you can install RoboHelp Server 9. It is recommended that you don’t install RoboHelp Server 9 on combinations marked with X in the table. Note: Click the table to view it full-size.

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Use of RoboHelp Server by Technical Publications Departments

Tweet By Makarand Pandit. As businesses are witnessing the Web 2.0 revolution, technical information distribution is going through a change in paradigm. Not long ago it was sufficient to publish information and let the end users consume it. With the increase in cloud computing, availability of social networks, and blogs; users are capable of creating […]


What’s new in RoboHelp Server 9

Tweet RoboHelp Server 9 rolls out a host of much-requested new features. The first change that you’ll notice is the fresh, aesthetically-appealing user interface. There’s plenty more. Reporting enhancements Several reporting improvements that will help you better optimize the value of your Help content: Functionality to filter reports by area New, intuitive names for the […]


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RoboHelp Server: An introduction

Optimizing the value of user-assistance content is a key technical communicator responsibility. Read on to understand how RoboHelp Server lets you do that with ease…



Search enhancements in RoboHelp Server 9

Starting with RoboHelp Server 9, authors can continue to leverage strengths of Lucene Search Engine and also retain control over the search results. RoboHelp provides a number of constructs like Synonyms, Stop List and External Keyword Search; using which authors can controls search results for specific words. Read more…