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Technical Communication Suite 3 : Linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics in RoboHelp 9

Tweet RoboHelp 9 has introduced an additional option to the File > Link > FrameMaker Document menu command that lets you link to FrameMaker DITAMaps and FrameMaker DITA Topics. FrameMaker users working with DITA can now link FrameMaker ditamap and dita topics as well in addition to FrameMaker books, FrameMaker documents, and Word documents. Note: […]

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Adobe RoboHelp 9 learning resources

Adobe RoboHelp has just shipped, and there’s a lot new! I encourage you to download the trial version and start playing with the app. As an authoring tool, this version can claim to be not just in the league of the best in town but in many ways “next generation”.

Here’s a quick look at the resources you have at this point to learn and use the product.

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Technical Communication Suite 3 is here!

Tweet Technical Communication Suite 3 has now gone live! Some of the new features include: Robust single sourcing and publishing to multiple devices including ePub from both FrameMaker and RoboHelp environments (TCS special versions). Seamless review and collaboration. Improved cross-product integration. Complete suite supports scripting, thus strengthening automation workflows. Improved search capability in the outputs. […]

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10 Reasons for Using AIR-Based Help

Here are the top 10 reasons for using RoboHelp to generate Help as an Adobe AIR application…

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