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New Title Bar option in RoboHelp 9 helps in single-sourcing

Tweet In RoboHelp 9, the WebHelp and FlashHelp SSLs got a new general setting called Title Bar. Predictably, the setting lets you specify the title you want to display in the title bar. What is not so predictable is the power of this small setting (unless, of course, you’re a real-life RoboHelp user generating multiple […]

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Technical Communication Suite 3 : Linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics in RoboHelp 9

Tweet RoboHelp 9 has introduced an additional option to the File > Link > FrameMaker Document menu command that lets you link to FrameMaker DITAMaps and FrameMaker DITA Topics. FrameMaker users working with DITA can now link FrameMaker ditamap and dita topics as well in addition to FrameMaker books, FrameMaker documents, and Word documents. Note: […]

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FrameMaker: Making comments stand out

Applying a character tag to comments and editorial notes makes them stand out from the rest of the content even when condition indicators are hidden.

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