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Review and collaboration in Adobe RoboHelp 9

Tweet In his recent post on industry trends, challenges, and Adobe RoboHelp 9, Ankur Jain (Product Manager, RoboHelp) lists eight workflow solutions that RoboHelp 9 offers. The first of them is the review and collaboration workflow. Let’s see how this workflow can benefit today’s writing departments, which are lean yet expansive. While writers are the […]

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Technical Communication Suite 3 : Linking FrameMaker DITAMAP and DITA topics in RoboHelp 9

Tweet RoboHelp 9 has introduced an additional option to the File > Link > FrameMaker Document menu command that lets you link to FrameMaker DITAMaps and FrameMaker DITA Topics. FrameMaker users working with DITA can now link FrameMaker ditamap and dita topics as well in addition to FrameMaker books, FrameMaker documents, and Word documents. Note: […]

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Enable PDF text edits for text embedded in a screenshot

Consider you have to complete a UI content review for the product you work on. Wouldn’t things be easier if you could use Acrobat text-edit-markup features to highlight the relevant content embedded in images?

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