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First things first. Let me introduce myself. I am Vivek Jain, Group Product Manager for FrameMaker and RoboHelp.

My plan is blog on things related to FrameMaker, RoboHelp and technical communication in general. I intend to be brief in my posts and hopefully, pertinent to the goal of this blog. Not sure how frequently I will get to post.

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time. When we released RoboHelp 6.0 last week and blogs started buzzing with excitement, it seemed the right time to make a start.

So, let’s begin.



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13 thoughts to “My first post”

  1. We have a web-based application that will be used equally by WINDOWS and MAC users.Robohelp seems to be limited in its cross-platform capabilities. The web is littered with sundry complaints about it not rendering in Safari, etc.Before I shell out the $$$ or even waste time testing it…where is the best source to convince me one way or another on this? Also–is this site still alive? Adobe RoboHelp 6 supports Safari Browser. A number of issues related to Safari support were fixed in the last release.

  2. Hi Vivek,

    thrilling to see this blog and thanks for taking the time. We’re all looking forward to get the very latest news on FrameMaker 8. About the all new (fully Vista and maybe even OS-X compatible) User Interface. About the all new tools and toys for structured FrameMaker users. About the all new features for enterprise-class “global document publishing” – including (better) support for non-western languages. I’m wondering how the new fully unicode compliant Adobe Multi-line Paragraph Composer will feel like … And I’m keen on trying the new and imroved PDF-Engine … Let the crowd see some early screenshots.

    Cheers, Stefan

  3. I, too, would like to request that you resume producing FrameMaker for Macintosh. There are many loyal FM users who are being forced to switch to other software, although there really is no substitute for FM. Perhaps Adobe could spin it off, recreating the Frame Technology company.

  4. Nice to see this blog up. Thousands of us look forward to the day you use it to announce the OS X version of FrameMaker. On our campus there has been a huge surge in the population of Macs, and it’s only going to go up from there. FrameMaker needs its former cross platform status restored, and we Mac users need the tech doc tool back.Thanks.- web

  5. Thanks for creating this blog. I hope that you and all of us gain from the conversation.I am a long time user of FrameMaker, on Unix, PC, and Mac platforms since version 4. It’s by far my preferred application for creating long documents of any kind.At present I use both the Mac version on an old Mac, and the PC version via Parallels Desktop on a new Mac. Colour handling is a problem on the PC; not your fault; it’s Windows. But Mac Frame is no longer supported, and runs only on obsolete hardware.Mac sales are increasing, and stores that used to be PC-only have started selling them. This would be an auspicious time for you to restore Mac support for FrameMaker. I’ll be standing in line to buy a license if you do.Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Vivek,I’ve been using Frame on the Mac for years. It has no competitor for long document editing and publishing. We do definitely need a Mac OS X version, so that we can embed Frame in the graphical chain, espacially including Mac fonts. For the moment, we are stuck with Classic and G4/G5 Macs. Please give us a Mac-Intel version of Frame !

  7. Dear Mr. Jain. Welcome. Please do not dismiss the large Mac userbase for FrameMaker, the only commercially available serious technical writing product. For a small investment in time and resources to port FrameMaker to OSX, Adobe will gain much more than revenues (user loyalty, enhancement of Frame’s cross platform reputation…). Please don’t forget us.

  8. Hey Vivek!Welcome to the blogosphere!Myself and thousands of others, including Apple, Inc., would like you to develop FrameMaker for Mac OS X. We’d love to upgrade to new Intel Macs and the latest Adobe products, but without FrameMaker for Mac OS X we’re forced to run Mac FrameMaker in the Classic environment, which only works on PowerPC Macs.I’m sure it would be an easy task for a talented bunch of engineers such as yourselves.Thanks in advancePaul Findon

  9. Whaooo ! 10 hours after, my previous comment was not published…Dear Vivek, My question is very basic :A lot of of MacUsers want to use FrameMaker on OSX. When…?Happy New YearTiens, cela fait près de 10 heures que mon première réponse a été écrite et pas de publication dans les commentaires…! Cher Vivek, nombre de MacUsers attendent d’utiliser FrameMaker sous OSX. Quand nous annoncez-vous cela…?!Bonne année 2007…!

  10. Vivek,I am so glad you started this blog. I bet you will get more questions, feedback, and comments from users than you can begin to imagine.I attended the Adobe webinar today on RoboHelp. I had a question about character-level indexes, but the moderator ran out of time before he could address the issue.Are you familiar with the problem of character-level indexing versus topic-level indexing? Let’s say my topic spans 3 pages. With RoboHelp, all index keywords for that topic are grouped with the heading. So index keywords that relate to the keywords on the last part of the topic will point to the wrong page. Any chance that you will come up with a way to insert index keywords at the character level rather than with the topic heading? Index keywords are easy to associate with topics. In addition to topic, RoboHelp supports index keywords for bookmarks within a topic. For the scenario you described, you can add a couple of bookmarks and associate index keywords with these bookmarks. – Vivek

  11. Hi,I’ve been using unstructured FrameMaker on and off since the early 90s.I quit using RoboHelp at the first version 6, and moved to WebWorks Publisher Pro, which better fit the FrameMaker content I authored and maintained. (I have since flirted with RH 9 and RH X3 for various companies.)I kicked the tires on the RHFM product before MM discontinued it (after 9 months on the market). Am still with WWP.To be completely honest, nothing beats WWP Pro (now WWeP) for FrameMaker compatibility, and Flare then AuthorIt would come before RoboHelp in my “list of tools to consider.” Actually, I’m more likely to go structured first.Cheers.

  12. Hi Vivek,welcome, I subscribed to your blog immediately and I hope we hear lots of valuable first-hand news about FrameMaker and the integration of the other products with our good ol’ workhorse.- Michael

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