Adobe E-seminars on Technical Communication


Recording of the Adobe on-demand seminars is available online. Please use the go url to access them :

Current ondemand seminars recorded from a past live sessions include:

1) What’s new in Adobe RoboHelp 6?
2) Intro to Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 and Adobe FlashHelp Pro
3) Benefits of Structured Authoring and Migrating in Preparation for XML
4) FrameMaker and DITA
5) Have You Looked At FrameMaker Lately?
6) Adobe FrameMaker 7.2: Writing for Global Audiences
7) Increase ROI when migrating from Word to Adobe FrameMaker

Also, a live eseminar "Adobe RoboSource Control" is planned for broadcast in May.




Posts from multiple members of the Adobe TechComm team.

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