Migrating from Flare to RoboHelp

One of the most interesting requests from customers at the STC Conference Minneapolis was for a migration path from Flare to RoboHelp. Clearly, some of the customers, who had migrated from RoboHelp to Flare, want to come back to RoboHelp. We understand that they are attracted by the quality of Adobe products and the direction in which RoboHelp is moving. Any doubts they had were set to rest with the sneak peek of the features under development for RoboHelp.  Customers also recognize an accelerated pace of innovation from Adobe in technical communication with three products (FrameMaker, Captivate and Acrobat 3D) in different stages of the pre-release program.

We continue to evaluate the business case for offering migration utilities to Flare customers. If you are considering a migration from Flare to RoboHelp, please let us know. Your inputs are valuable.

Update – John Daigle (www.hypertexas.com, www.showmethedemo.com) has posted a free Flare to RoboHelp converter. The converter is a free download from John Daigle’s site and source code is also available under Common Public License.



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One thought to “Migrating from Flare to RoboHelp”

  1. I’m ecstatic to hear that HTML code snippets can be saved and reused in a future version of RoboHelp. I’ve been waiting for this kind of feature for a long time. I’m also glad to hear that kadov tags will be removed.Now if only there was an easier way to work with tables and formatting them…I always go into the code and do it myself because I can’t remember where to go to using the toolbars, etc. For example, when wanting to change the padding for table cells I expect to find it by selecting Tools > Table Properties. I keep looking and looking and never find how to adjust the padding, so I just switch to code view and figure out how to make the changes myself.One day I accidentally found it when I was changing the borders for something – saw the little “Padding…” button. Not sure how others feel, but having worked in Dreamweaver before, padding is a table cell property in my opinion and I never expected to find this button when adjusting borders. I also hardly ever remember where to go when I need to change padding even though I now know where it is. Instinct just leads me to Tools > Table Properties.

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