STC Minneapolis – Great conference and valuable feedback


STC 54th Annual Conference in Minneapolis was a great success. From Adobe perspective, we had a strong presence with eight sessions on FrameMaker, RoboHelp and Captivate.  Each of the sessions included technology sneak peeks for the corresponding Adobe product.  The feedback from the sneak peeks has been very positive. We also had a constant stream of visitors coming over at the Adobe booth seeking more information about these products. More importantly, we had an opportunity to meet a large number of customers, experts and partners.  We also had several 1:1 customer meetings to understand their requirements and collect feedback on our products.

You have most probably seen the discussion on forums and blogs on the sneak peeks. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do let me know.




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3 thoughts to “STC Minneapolis – Great conference and valuable feedback”

  1. I am a constant, daily user of RoboHelp 6 and I wanted to suggest a couple of improvements for the next version. 1) While it is VERY easy to create variables, it is NOT easy to implement them. I truly believe it would be easier for users to use the variables they’ve created if they could see the VALUES of the variables on the left-hand side as opposed to the NAMES of the variables. 2) List the variables in alphabetical order by value. This makes it easier to scroll down the list of variables and find the one you need to insert.I have over 350 variables in my project. Since my project was created in RoboHelp X5 which had no variables, I’m currently in the process of replacing lots of text with variables. This process is taking longer than it should because there is no easy way to see the values for the variables while inserting them. They’re also not in alphabetical order, so I’m doing a lot of scrolling up and down in order to find the variables I want to insert.Here’s an example. I have to use the same variable names that the developers are using. Therefore my variable names look like this:”ML_BASE_TAB_Survey” – “ML_BASE_LBL_CI_Cost”. Looking at a long list of variables that have names like this makes it VERY hard to find the one I want since the values of the variables are not displayed in alphabetical order.It would be great if the application could display the variables in alphabetical order according to the values of the variables instead of displaying the variable names in the order in which the user entered them. Thanks for submitting the feature enhancement request. – Vivek

  2. Forgive me, this is not a comment on this post. Rather it is in regards to the list of raffle winners from the Writers UA conference, but I could not find a way to comment to that post directly. I see my name on the list of winners and had not heard of this before. Please contact me at your earliest convenience! Diane Marcus Congratulations Diane. We will be contacting you soon to deliver the prize.

  3. The new RoboHelp UI sounds very interesting – how about some screen caps? Not sure if I can post some screen shots. Let me check. I am actually surprised that no one really clicked pictures of the Sneak Peeks – at least I have not seen them on the blogs yet. – Vivek

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