Slow Performance – Adobe RoboHelp HTML 7


As you are aware, we implemented Multiple Document Support (MDI) in Adobe RoboHelp HTML 7. However, this change resulted in a small performance bug on systems having large number of fonts installed on your system.

I request customers to remove the extra fonts that they were not using for enhancing problem and believe me I hated stating that. However, today I am happy, as we have fixed the problem and the fix is available through Tech Note – 40336 on All you have to do is download a single dll and replace it in the Adobe RoboHelp HTML 7 installation.

– Akshay


Akshay Madan

Akshay Madan

Akshay Madan was the Product Owner for the Web segment of Technical Communication Suite – RoboHelp HTML, RoboHelp Office, RoboHelp Server and FrameMaker to Web publishing from 2006 to 2009.

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