Editing XML files on the WebDAV server using Browser Plug-in

Friday, April 10 2009 @ 1:37 PM, By Nakshatra Bhardwaj


You can open and edit XML files stored on the WebDAV server using FrameMaker 9.
When FrameMaker 9 is installed on your computer, the Edit with FrameMaker plug-in is added to the browser’s toolbar and is listed as an option in the edit menu for XML files.

To edit XML files on a WebDAV server:
1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
Note: This feature is supported in Internet Explorer 6 and later.
2. Enter the URL of the XML file you want to open.
3. Click the edit icon on the browser’s toolbar, and select “Edit with Adobe FrameMaker 9”. FrameMaker is launched.
FrameMaker accesses the WebDAV server, checks-out the XML file and opens it in FrameMaker.
Note: To use the browser plug-in functionality on Windows Vista the user would need to disable the Protected Mode in the Windows Vista browser. To do this access-Tools>Internet Options>Security and uncheck Enable Protected Mode.
4. In the choose application dialog box that appears, select an appropriate Application to open the XML document.
Note: This dialog box does not appear if you have already specified the Application in the Generic Application Selector PI of the XML document.
5. Edit the document in FrameMaker and save the changes. The changes are saved back to the server depending on the setting kept in the Preferences. Users have option to either upload the file on each save or to save changes when the user closes the file currently being edited.
6. Close the document. FrameMaker saves the XML file on the WebDAV server. The file is now checked-in and unlocked on the WebDAV server.
You must log in to the WebDAV server the first time you open an XML file. Your login credentials are verified by the
WebDAV server before the XML file is locked and checked out for opening in FrameMaker. The valid credentials will be maintained for that particular FrameMaker session. Other users can open the locked XML files in view-only mode only.

A link to a small demo on using the Brower plugin to edit XML files over WebDAV is provided below.
View demo

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