How to use Ditaval Filtering ?

Thursday, April 30 2009 @ 11:30 AM, By Tarun Garg


Adobe FrameMaker 9 allows to use Ditaval based filtering of content while producing following output from a DITA Map:

  • PDF
  • Print Output
  • FrameMaker Book (with FM Components)
  • Composite Document

For using the Ditaval filtering with FrameMaker, first create a ditaval file specifying the filtering criteria and then select this ditaval file while producing the output.

While creating the PDF, FrameMaker Book (with FM Components) or Composite document from a DITA Map, following shall be done to use Ditaval filtering:

  • Choose the option ‘Prompt For DitaVal File’ in the ‘Save Document’ dialog (as depicted in image below).
  • After clicking on Save, a ‘Choose DitaVal File’ dialog appears. In this dialog, select the Ditaval file to be used to apply the content filtering.
  • On choosing the file, the desired output gets generated as per the filtering specified in the Ditaval file.


For Print Output, user has the option to enable/disable Ditaval filtering feature using the ‘PromptForDitaval’ option in ditafm.ini file. Set ‘PromptForDitaval =1’ to enable this feature. When enabled, the ‘Choose DitaVal File’ dialog shall appear whenever the user invokes print command for a DITA Map.

Following is a demonstration for ‘Using DITAVAL Filtering while generating PDF output from a DITA Map’ :

view in a separate window

Please let me know your comments and suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,

Tarun Garg

FrameMaker Engineering


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