FrameMaker 9.0.3 available now!

Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 12:47 PM, By Mahesh Kumar Gupta


Dear Framers!


I would like to thank you for the great feedback you have shared with me on FrameMaker 9. Naturaly, when there is so much in one release itself, there will be some issues as well. Thanks again for sharing your valuable feedback. We have tried addressing almost all the pressing issues through 9.0.3

FrameMaker 9.0.3 patch is live now and it is available through Adobe Update Manager (AUM). This patch (9.0p250) must be applied on top of 9.0.2 (9.0p237) only. You can check for updates through Help->Updates Menu in FrameMaker.

With the help of these fixes, following workflows are now enabled/supported:

  • Opening/importing a file created in FrameMaker 7.2 and earlier with virtual fonts applied to the text now correctly shows the text in FrameMaker 9.
  • The dimensions and default dpi resolution for PNG, JPG and GIF files should not get corrupted when imported in FrameMaker.
  • Deletion of multiple user-variables from Variable Pod should not crash FrameMaker now.
  • Memory leak shouldn’t happen while creating a book with FrameMaker components from DITA map.
  • FrameMaker doesn’t crash while displaying a message box during FA_Note_PreQuitBook notification, on the second call of F_ApiUpdateTextInset() and when F_ApiAlert() is called from within a FA_Note_PostQuitDoc notification.
  • The “New document command” in the quick access bar doesn’t get disconnected from the API command “F_ApiDefineCommand”.
  • FrameMaker doesn’t crash on switching on different tabs of table designer when context is set for book and panels are iconized.
  • Now correct Index of Marker(IOM) is generated for a file containing Markers that use structured building blocks.
  • On converting DITA map, which contains nested topicrefs, to a book the content of the topic files was hidden in folder templates. In 9.0.3, the folder containing template will be labeled as: []
  • The table row element now hides while using DITAVAL filter.
  • Spelling Checker now allows words with special characters to be added to dictionary. It also shows the words with suffix “(s)” as correctly spelled now.
  • DocBook starter kit now unifies the XML and SGML applications and fixes various formatting inconsistencies in the XML application. The XML application uses XSLT instead of an FDK client and supports indexterm.
  • PreserveEntity FDK client can be combined with XSLT in XML applications to preserve variables and special character handling when documents are round-tripped between FrameMaker and XML.
  • In structured document, now you can hide child elements even when in Show state if the parent element is hidden using conditional text. This is an additional option. For details refer to the document shown below.

This patch has fixes for some more issues not listed above.

Please install this patch on top of 9.0.2, retest your workflows and share your feedback with me.


-Mahesh (


  • By Andy - 5:50 PM on October 13, 2010  

    In Paragraph Designer I keep getting the error code “0.02301944” referenced memory at “0x00000000” , “CIick on OK to terminate program”.

    Also, I am having problems with my Paragraph Designer freezing up, that, and the numbering block, allowing different numbering schemes is not showing any available numbering choices.

    Little help here…~~

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