TCS2 Distiller problem remedy!

Monday, January 25 2010 @ 5:47 PM, By Mahesh Kumar Gupta


Dear Technical Communicators!

Hope 2010 has begun with positive news and updates.

I thought that let me share something which will help you in overcoming a problem which some of you faced last year with TCS2.

Problem: The problem starts with Distiller or Acrobat Pro 9 Extended, which gets installed as part of TCS2, don’t launch and they don’t accept the serial number available with you.

Cause: These components require a different number for internal validation. The encrypted entry is stored in cache.db but due to some reasons, if this entry gets flushed out/deleted from cache.db, the components will not accept the serial number.

Solution: Please invoke the utility ‘TCS.exe’ from command prompt. This along with instructions (as a zip) can be downloaded from

What does this utility do – This will automatically find out the cache.db in the user machine and executes the SQL queries on the cache database. If Arobat9 serial number is deleted/flushed from cache.db, it will prompt a message asking user to uninstall Acrobat and install again through TCS2.

Action: If there is a prompt to uninstall and install Acrobat again through TCS2, then only proceed with the steps below:

Step 1 – Launch TCS2.0 uninstaller and uninstall “only” Acrobat 9. This step should remove Acrobat 9 from the machine.

Caution: Please don’t attempt to uninstall FULL TCS2.

Step 2 – Now launch TCS2.0 installer, and install Acrobat 9 from there.

I am sure you are enjoying the latest versions of the technical communication products. Please keep sharing your feedback. After all, these are your products and we want to do it right for you!

Take care

– Mahesh

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