Meet you at STC!

Saturday, May 1 2010 @ 11:54 PM, By Mahesh Kumar Gupta


Dear Technical Communicators

Hope things are going good!

So now it’s time for this year’s STC conference. As you know, this is being held at Dallas this year.

You may be wondering why I am writing so late about it. The reason is simple – I wanted to write only after I really make it to the conference. Last year I had to drop the plan at the last minute.

Ok, so Ankur and I have already reached Dallas. Since we want to answer and address all kinds of queries, this time we’ll be present as a large team representing different functions. We plan to be here for the full duration.

Apart from the product managers, we’ll also have Ritu, Saibal and RJ Jacquez from Marketing, Sumeer from Engineering and this year Pawan, director of products, should also be joining us. Some of our partners have also agreed to join. So don’t get scared if you see a large team waiting for you :-)

You can find us at the Adobe booth. If you want to setup a meeting, please do write to us. My email id is already known to you. In case you want me to meet your organization after the conference, please let me know. You can write to Ankur at his id

We look forward to meet you.

Take care

– Mahesh

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